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Energia Desarrollo y Explotacion SL


182.3 kWp



The construction of a photovoltaic system capable of producing up to 182.3 kWp of green energy on the flat roof of an industrial warehouse in Spain was made simple with the ballasts of the Connect Sun Ballast system using a 10° inclination.

The particular structure of this system is made up of concrete ballasts linked together: a front, a central and a terminal, allowing for systems that are ultra-resistant to wind, as demonstrated by the results of tests carried out in fluid-dynamic laboratories with resistance to wind even higher than 150 km/h.

In addition, to further maximize wind resistance, our technical department has chosen, in agreement with the customer Energía Desarrollo y Explotación SL, to double the use of ballasts in some precise points, identified through careful calculations, which are more exposed to the wind. Despite this, precisely due to its lattice arrangement, the Connect system distributes the weight evenly over the entire available surface to maintain a limited coverage load.

The great experience of Sun Ballast and the professionalism of its Technical Department have made possible the construction of this impressive, solid and very productive plant.

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