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Sun Ballast® structures can be installed quickly and easily on many different surfaces

Membrane Roofs

Roof sheathing is often required for industrial sheds. However, sheathed surfaces only allow for low loads, so correctly distributing the weight is crucial.

Sheathing helps protect the roof the solar panels are installed on and the entire structure from water leaks.

Therefore, all protective and waterproofing properties must always remain intact. Sun Ballast systems maintain these properties because they don’t require any drilling to be installed.

Gravel surfaces

Tar and gravel roofs help protect buildings from UV rays, overheating, and water leaks.

Solar panels can be installed on this type of roof in two ways: by placing the structures on the gravel or installing the ballasts under the gravel. With Sun Ballast®, both ways ensure a stable, long-lasting photovoltaic system.

Green roofs Surfaces

Green roofs are becoming more popular by the day, as are photovoltaic systems installed on green roofing systems. Green roofs have been shown to improve the output of a solar system because the greenery lowers the roof’s temperature even during the hottest time of the day, preventing any efficiency loss due to overheating.

Sun Ballast® structures don’t require any drilling and therefore are perfect for green roofs.

Ground-mounted systems

As the name suggests, ground-mounted photovoltaic systems are set up on the ground; therefore, the weight of the supporting structure is not a limitation. However, other aspects need to be considered.

The terrain on which you install the system is one of them. Therefore, the stress it’s exposed to mustn’t affect the photovoltaic system over time.

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