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Sun Ballast USA was born out of a decade’s worth of photovoltaic experience, and has as its objective the development of practical, effective and high quality solutions that make installing solar on flat surfaces ever easier and faster.

Simplicity, reliability and speed of installation are the distinctive features of all Sun Ballast systems: unique, innovative and patented products, which guarantee the perfect balance between simplicity, resistance and efficiency for your installations.

High quality solutions, always available

All of our systems are manufactured in the USA, using only local materials: this way we can guarantee our customers complete control over the entire production chain, compliance with all regulations and the highest quality for the final product. In fact, for our racking systems we only use first choice materials, resistant to all corrosions and easily available in the American market, ensuring not only the highest level of reliability, but also constant availability of all our racking systems and a fast and convenient delivery service.

100% Made in USA

Simple, durable and quick to install: Sun Ballast solutions represent a real revolution in the field of racking systems for solar installations on flat surfaces. The structures combine both the racking and the ballast in a single solution, making the design and installation phases much easier and faster, and ensuring the maximum level of wind resistance, durability and efficiency for years to come. Sun Ballast systems boast a “360°” quality, beginning with the selection of the best raw materials available on the American market: every step on our production chain is 100% Made in the USA, and is structured in such a way so as to constantly guarantee the highest quality standards. Being made entirely in the United States (New Hampshire), Sun Ballast racking systems also allow access to all the benefits provided by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), dedicated to the photovoltaic sector.

All Sun Ballast structures are subjected to numerous tests, analyzes and laboratory tests: our systems are wind tunnel tested by RWDI and peer reviewed according to ASCE 7-16, SEAOC PV1-PV2 and IBC 2018. Designed to guarantee maximum reliability for photovoltaic systems even in the presence of particularly intense and frequent atmospheric events, the ballasts are Class A fire rating for Type I and Type II modules with no additional parts required and have obtained the F3 level of exposure class.

Thanks to the high quality of the raw materials used, the reliable professionalism of the R&D Department and an efficient, organized and precise production process, Sun Ballast solutions are ANSI/UL2703 certified and have a 25-year warranty.

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